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Our camper campsite is located 1.5 km from the old market of Eersel in the Kempen region of Brabant and not far from Eindhoven. Beautiful to look at and have a drink on the many terraces or a delicious bite to eat. At Markt 30a is TIP (Tourist Information Eersel) where you can drop in for trips, excursions or walking and cycling routes.

Around Eersel

A small 'route description': from Blij Venneke turn right (Dalemsedijk) and then straight across the roundabout (Duizelseweg) to the chapel on the market square, turn right across the Markt to the v-junction. Keep left here (Dijk) and follow this road, following a sharp bend to the right. This brings you back to a v-junction with a white chapel in the middle. Then turn left and continue along Kerkstraat until you reach Eersel church. Turn left again (Willibrorduslaan) and continue until it curves to the right. In this bend, turn left (Nieuwstraat). Follow this road until the end, turn left there too (Hint) and then you are back at the chapel, where you can turn right again (Duizelseweg), go straight across the roundabout (Dalemsedijk), to Blij Venneke.

Map and folders Eindhoven area

You can also consult the folder and various leaflets of the region in the conservatory. There really is plenty to experience. Golf is also one of the possibilities. There are at least 8 18-hole golf courses within a radius of 20 km and there are some 120 km of fixed mountain bike routes, but also plenty of places to relax.

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Walking and cycling

Eersel is located not far from Eindhoven and is a beautiful municipality of six church villages in total, namely Eersel, Duizel Steensel, Knegsel, Vessem and Wintelre, which apart from Vessem, but with Hulsel, Netersel and Reusel form the 8 Zaligheden: also called the pareltjes of the Kempen. It is the 'land' of, among others, the Kleine Beerze and beautiful extensive nature reserves such as the Cartierheide, the Spijkertseheide and the large and small lake in Vessem. As you read, there is a lot of it to enjoy.

Vessem is also on the pilgrimage path to Santiago de Compostella. You can also start at pilgrim farm Kafarnaüm. A fine hiking and cycling area, the municipality of Eersel is located against the Belgian border (just below Eindhoven) and was hiking municipality of the year in 2014. This is due to the many kilometres of hiking and cycling trails. There are walking routes and cycling junctions and at the cosy terraces you can take a break or finish your walking or cycling route. In close proximity you can canoe the Dommel river which runs through the Malpie nature reserve. As you can see there are plenty of opportunities to relax to the fullest.

In Irsel is ‘ne mens content, Be welcome and enjoy!

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Useful sites

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in the area. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Small impression of the area around Eersel

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